Cuckoo Fusion Stand Water Purifier


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Cuckoo’s “Fusion Stand” is Smart and Modern design suitable for workplace. Its Antibacterial stainless steel water tank ensures pure and healthy water supply whenever you require. The product is power packed with “Reverse Osmosis Membrane” which purify water to 99.9% clean water, removes heavy metals, various bacteria, water born micro organisms and harmful substances remaining in water and “Natural Filter” Which ensures clear taste of natural water.

The Product has Modern features for easy operation, Safety lock feature, Dual Faucet for dispensing Hot and cold water as per requirement, wide design for bowls and pots, detachable and washable faucet to ensure the hygiene of purified water.

  • Technology: 5 Filters with 6 Stage Filtration provides you the healthy water to drink for your family, Faucet Sterilization to Get Bactria free water with Sterilization Kit, , smart and auto -quantitative heading feature, side open and space-saving design with Safety lock and cup mode feature. Recommended for up-to 2000 TDS on government supply water.
  • Filters- Removes Virus, bacteria and heavy metals by 6-Stage Filtration with 5 Filters (Pre-Filter, Sediment, Pre-Carbon, Natural Plus Filter, Cuckoo’s RO Filter, UV, UF) and provides Mild Alkaline water at Ph level between 7-9 which is suitable for healthy drinking water according to WHO. Provides 15 Liter of water per hour.
  • It provides Hot (80-90 Degree Celsius) & Cold (3-7 Degree Celsius) water. It provides less wastage of water due to its Eco Friendly filters which produce 600-700 ML of water in 1 Liter of water. It’s a table top model. It has a Child lock safety feature for Hot water.  It also has a Wide design for bowls and pots, Detachable and washable faucet.
  • Installation: Free installation is provided. For requesting an Installation/Demo for this product, call or contact us on Toll free No. 1800-212-1978 or Filter change: Outer Sediment (Optional) Free for 1st year, Warranty: 1+2 years extended warranty on electronics and electrical components of the product
  • Alkaline Water
  • Designed for workplaces
  • Minimalist and stylish design
  • Child lock safety feature
  • 5 filters  (Pre Filter, Sediment, Pre-Carbon, Cuckoo’s RO Filter, and   Natural Plus Filter )
  • Room-temperature, hot and cold drinking water
  • Wide design for bowls and pots
  • Detachable and washable faucet
  • Detachable water tray for easy cleaning
Model: Cuckoo Fusion Stand
Temperature: Hot & Cold
Capacity 6.3 liters
Colour: White-Black
Number of Filter: 5 filters (Pre Filter (Optional), Sediment, Pre-Carbon, Cuckoo’s RO Filter, and Natural Plus Filter )
Included Components: Water Purifier, User Manual
Dimension (cm): 55*33*123
Item Weight: 22.3 kg
Warranty: 1 year on product


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