Cuckoo Queen Stand Water Purifier


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Cuckoo Queen Stand is India’s first water purifier that does not require a cold water tank, allowing direct-from-the-source water heating plus a host of innovative features for an effortless water pouring experience.

  • Nano-Positive Plus filter, Faucet Sterilization to Get Bactria free water, Super slim, smart and auto -quantitative heading feature, side open and space-saving design with Safety lock and cup mode feature. Recommended for up-to 350 TDS on government supply water.
  • Removes Virus, bacteria and heavy metals by 5-Stage Filtration with 4 Filters (Essence Filter, Activ Filter, Natural plus and Cuckoo’s Nano Positive Filter) and provides Mild Alkaline water at Ph level between 7-9 which is suitable for healthy drinking water according to WHO. Provide 1 Liter of water per minute without any water wastage.
  • It provides Hot (80-90 Degree Celsius) & Cold (3-7 Degree Celsius) water. It’s a table top model. It has a Child lock safety feature for Hot water. It also has a Wide design for bowls and pots, Detachable and washable faucet. Filter Indicator with voice to change the filter. One can easily change the filter by himself.
  • Free installation is provided. For requesting an Installation/Demo for this product, call or contact us on Toll free No. 1800-212-1978 or Filter change: Outer Sediment (Optional) Free for 1st year, Warranty: 1+2 years extended warranty on electronics and electrical components of the product
  • Natural Alkaline Water
  • Temperature Dial (smart wheel)
  • 6-stage Nano Positive Filtration system
  • Antibacterial Stainless Steel water tank
  • Water Level Indicator
  • Water Temperature Indicator
  • Eliminates 99.9% of Nor virus – Nano Positive Filtration System
  • Cold & Hot & Room temperature Water
  • 4 Filters (Essence Filter, Activ Filter, Natural plus and Cuckoo’s Nano Positive Filter)
Model: CP-QN1401SW
Category: Stand Type
Temperature: Room, Hot & Cold
Rated Voltage: Cold: 0.9A / Hot: 500W
Filtration Method: Nano Positive Filter System
Filters: Essence Filter / Activ Filter / Natural Filter / Nano Positive Filter
Capacity: Purified Water: 7.6L, Cold Water: 2.5L, Hot Water: 4.0L, Total: 14.1L
Included Components: Water Purifier, User Manual
Dimension (mm): 360(W)*496(D)*1350(H)
Item Weight: 28.6 kg
Warranty: 1 year on product


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