Cuckoo UTC Water Purifier


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  • Smart Faucet with display
  • Built-in tank 7.5L tank
  • 3L/min high water flow
  • UV LED sterilization
  • Slim & Compact design saves about 35% of space
  • Real time filter life indicator
  • Intuitive one touch control panel
  • Easy filter change
  • 60% water recovery rate
  • Innovative water leakage sensor
  • Sedi- carbon composite filter- Sediment+Activated carbon block removes particulates, VOCs and residual clorine.
  • Uni RO membrance filter- Reverse osmosis membrane effectively  filter out harmful substance
  • Active mini filter- Removes substance that cause taste and ordor.
  • Intuitive one touch control panel-
    One touch water flushing for maintenance
    Filter replacement alarm.
    Filter replacement
    Abnormal status reminder
  • Smart faucet with display –
    Full stainless modern design
    One touch dispensing button
    Filter replacement alarm
  • UV LED Sterilization- In-tank UV LED prevents bacterial
    Propagation. Automatic operating algorithms for optimal sterilization
  • Innovative water leakage sensor-
    Detects leaks in real time and stops operation
    Minimizes damages by stopping operation and notifying by alarm
  • 0.0001 Reverse osmosis technology-
    Eliminates all the water pollutants at 0.0001
    Purify water to 99.9% clean water
    Removes heavy metal, bacterial germ and harmful substances remaining in water.
    Water recovery rate over 60%

Cuckoo’s 15-Points Check Service

Filter Tube Replacement

Model: Cuckoo UTC Water Purifier
Installation Type: Under the Sink
Water Temperature: Ambient
Capacity : 7.5 L
Colour: White
Filters: Sedi- Carbon Composite Filter, UNI RO MEMBRANCE Filter, ACTIV MINI Filter
Booster Pump: Inbuilt
Material: ABS Food Grade Plastic
Water Recovery Rate 60%
Dimensions (mm): 400*180*390
Warranty: 1-year standard warranty+2 years extended warranty on electronics and electrical components of the product


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