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Enjoy a pleasant cooking experience with the long-lasting and scratch-resistant Cuckoo frying pan. The new Cuckoo frying pan makes cooking safer and food healthier for you. Its new and improved coating ensures durability and poses no harm to your food. It is perfect for daily use, ideal for sautéing and browning. It aids in faster cooking and even heat distribution. This functionally-designed nonstick pan has passed 300,000 wear test by the Korean and Japanese Excellent Product Inspection Agency, hence, offering superlative performance, beauty, and durability.

  • Convenience of Cauldron and Frypan in one.
  • Superior Coating Power

Titanium and diamond nanotubes with 6 layers of coating.

  • High Lifecycle

Hard anodizing process creates a Porous surface that increases the coating lifecycle.

  • Non Sticky Food

Prevents food from sticking.

  • Premium & Modern Look

Unique hair line design provides a premium modern feel.

  • Smooth Surface with Excellent Gloss

Due to coating of heat-resistant paint, the surface is smooth with the excellent gloss.

  • Outstanding Durability

Resistant to scratches, abrasion and corrosion allows you to enjoy a longer lasting fry pan.

  • Passed 300,000 times wear resistance test

New, long-lasting titanium diamond coating provides high durability and heat resistance that has passed rigorous 300,000 wear test by  Korean and Japanese Excellent Product Inspection Agency.

Diameter: 28 Cm
Material: Aluminium With Non- Stick Coating
Outer Look: Hard Anodising, Hairline Design
Nonstick Tech: Titanium Diamond 6 Layer Coating
Convenience: Easy Grip Handle On Pan And Glass Lid
Certifications: Nonstick Coating Passed 300,000 Times Wear Test By Korean & Japanese Agency
Induction Heating Compatible: Yes
Warranty: 12 Months


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